Monday, September 17, 2007

14 to 16 Sep - Geneva

Fri 14 Sep (weather - warm and sunny)
Arrived in Geneva at 5.20pm and Francine met us at the station. We piled ourselves and luggage into her car, a bit of a queeze but we managed.

Francine's apartment is very big by European standards. 3 bedrooms, lounge/dining, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a balcony.

We went to a friend of Francine's for dinner to celebrate Francine's birthday. It was a traditional Brazilian meal of beans and rice. When we arrived people were dancing and having fun. It was a great night, everyone was very firnedly and made us feel at home.

Sat 15 Sep - This morning we had coffee and croissants at the local market place, then did a walking tour of Carouge the city where Francine lives. It is only 10mins from the centre of Geneva by tram. The buildings are very old and quite magnificent.

We returned to Francine's place to meet her brother Melo and his wife Sheila. They are off to Sicily tonight for 10 days holiday with Francine's mum and dad.

Had an afternoon siesta and then went to the Cafe where Ben (Francine's son) works for cocktails. Cohiba Cafe - 12 rue de L'Arquebuse, Geneve. Got home at 10pm and had a late dinner - Aussie spag bol!

Sun 16 Sep - Today Francine drove us up into the Swiss Alps. Melo has a chalet in the alps so we drove along the lakeside and out into the country. It's about a 1.5hr drive to the Chalet which is just above Villers, a well known ski resort. We had to walk up the road to the Chalet as it was too steep and narrow for Francine's BMW. The view was spectacular and we all decided we would love to have our own chalet in the alps.

We returned to Geneva and took a walk along the lake to see the famous Jet D'eau up close. The girls went out under the fountain and got soaking wet as the wind changed direction and dumped heaps of water on the walkway. This water jet is awesome. Its 116 years old, pumps 500 litres of water a second at 200 kmh 140 metres high with 2 650 horsepower pumps. Sure beats the average Aussie lawn sprinkler, see the pictures at piccaso.

Walked thru a Geneva shopping area with $1200 boots and $2000 brief cases etc, but didnt buy anything. Came home and the girls cooked pasta and omellette, very nice.

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